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Managing cheap flight bookings, itinerary, accommodation, and getting back proof of expenses, matching them too- for corporates; is a complicated process unless you are equipped with some modern made-easy tools; the most important one would be association with a business travel facilitator such as Business Flight Shop.

Let’s have a look into the best tools to help you automate, centralise, and manage travel bookings for your company.

  • Flights: Take the assistance of an agent as Business Flight Shop to book business class flights to Montego Bay. And you don’t have to browse through the huge range of options for discounted business class flights to Kingston; which is counterproductive, a wastage of time, and frustrating.
  • Accommodations:“AirBnb for Work” lets your company track bookings of accommodations more easily because bookings are linked to the company profile. But it is more effective if you allow your agent to take care of the bookings of business class flights to Cancun.
  • Expense report:“TravelBank” is a centralized tool with travel expense functions to let team members book all their travels in one place. That means you can find, book, and track trips from beginning to end.
  • Managing travel: You may also use “” which is a simple platform for booking, managing and reporting on corporate travel. Responsible agents such as Business Flight Shop provides an incredibly simple and powerful solution for business travels in addition to booking business class flights to Entebbe.
  • Managing travel spending: Apps as “Spendesk” or “Trippeo” can be great tools. “Spendee” is another tool that lets you attach receipts in real time.You can monitor and control company travel spending and keep a lid on budgets.
  • Itinerary: Trust travel agents to prepare a flawless itinerary for your corporate trips. Else if you want to DIY, you can opt for “TripIt”.
  • Some extra help: “Dufl” is a premium laundry service for frequent corporate travellers.


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